Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that has been used in India and the Middle East for thousands of years. Recently, threading has begun to gain popularity in Western culture, particularly in the United States. The technique has provided many people with a proven alternative to waxing and plucking. However, there are still many people that do not know about threading and how it can improve their beauty routine.

No Chemicals

Unlike other hair removal procedures, threading does not use any chemicals. The only thing that is used is a soft cotton thread. There are no artificial products or ingredients that can touch your skin and cause irritation. Someone who has sensitive skin that is prone to redness or itchiness would benefit greatly from an all-natural technique like threading. Eyebrow threading can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete.

How does threading last?

The answer depends on each individual and how fast their hair grows. For most people, the results last from anywhere between 3-5 weeks. Another thing to take into account is that threading weakens hair follicles, causing growth to be less dense over time. So the more you get your eyebrows threaded, the finer the hair will grow in and the less often you will have to thread.


Perhaps the biggest benefit that threading has over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with stunning precision. Individual hairs can be targeted, but multiple hairs can still be removed at the same time. Threading can remove one clean line of hair at once, allowing the threading artist to perfectly shape .

Less Pain

It is generally agreed that threading is not as painful as waxing and other hair removal. which is why techniques that pull directly on this skin typically cause more pain.This may be due to the fact that the thread itself does not touch the skin during hair removal.


Unlike shaping, waxing, threading, or tweezing, browtinting is a color service that doesn’t take away any hair (although you can do so in conjunction with hair removal) but uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness

Tinting instantly makes you look groomed and adds more structure. You don’t have to fill them in every day or use powder, so it’s also convenient

Our specialty tint takes to even the finest hair, leaving each eyebrow surprisingly fuller and more fabulous than before. Brow tints slowly begin to fade back to their original shade within 3-4 weeks.


With eyelash tinting, a special dye is carefully applied to your eyelashes so that you can enjoy weeks of darker lashes, with or without mascara. Eyelash tinting is a relatively safe, quick and affordable way to draw attention to your eyes.
Eyelash tinting is a fairly quick procedure. The whole procedure can take as little as 15 minutes. The effects can last for as long as four to six weeks. Though the lashes are permanently tinted, they usually fade out within a month or two.